Glaucoma Surgery

Using Healaflow according to the surgical technique

Whatever the glaucoma surgery, there is no requirement to adapt the surgical technique- penetrating or non penetrating – the aqueous humour filtration process is equivalent.


Enhance the postoperative aqueous humour filtration while preventing postoperative complications.

Contribute to postoperative hypotonia risk decrease. (when appropriate)

Open the filtration bleb.


Healaflow is injected and left into the posterior half of the scleral space to prevent any risk of migration into the anterior chamber, It can also be injected under the conjunctiva.

Non-penetrating techniques

Such as viscocanalostomy, canaloplasty, deep sclerectomy, etc.

Healaflow is used to fill-up the space under the scleral flap from the trabecular meshwork to the conjunctival bleb.

Other filtering surgeries

Using Healaflow is not limited to the surgical procedures described here above. Any surgical procedure based on surgical created space (such as viscocanalostomy, canaloplasty, implantation of shunt, stent or tube) can benefit from concomitant injection of Healaflow.


Healaflow can be used to facilitate needling and to fill-up the open bleb.

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